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The following values are central to the work of the Ohio College Access Network (OCAN): diversity, opportunity, inclusiveness, community volunteerism, and educational achievement.  The mission of the Network is to increase awareness of and successful participation in quality postsecondary programs, including apprenticeship, certificate, associate, and bachelor degree programs.  In order for OCAN to reflect the varying stages of college access work in Ohio, the Network offers several levels of membership with specific categories. These membership groups are intended to reflect and observe defined values and mission while at the same time promoting collaborative learning and sharing of best practices in order to advance the charge of college access in Ohio.  These membership levels include:

Traditional Membership:
Those granted a Traditional Membership must be a non-profit community focused college access organization as defined by the provision of basic types of services including college admission and financial aid counseling. Other services college access programs may offer include mentoring, SAT and ACT preparation, tutoring, college visits and career guidance.  A Traditional Membership is defined through the work of the College Readiness Initiative in the state of Ohio, vote of inclusion by the OCAN Board of Directors and must correspond with one of the following categories:

  • Community-based College Access Program
    A community-based college access program is a community-based, primarily privately-funded local non-profit organization established to increase the number of local residents who pursue and succeed in education beyond high school.  Community-based College Access Programs typically serve school districts in the area by providing financial aid and college admission advising, college visits, career guidance, test preparation and last-dollar scholarships or grants, as well as generally raising awareness about the need for postsecondary education. (Example: The Crawford College Connection)

  • College Access Resource Center
    A college access resource center is a one-stop for college access information and typically has a staff that provides information on college admissions, careers, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid.  Most centers work with both adult and traditional-age students and families who are seeking information about higher education. (Example: Columbus Urban League’s Achievement Matters College Access Program)

  • Higher Education Access Partnership
    A higher education access partnership is a college access program that operates from a college campus. Such a partnership is administered through the leadership of a higher education institution and provides traditional college access service delivery mechanisms including hands-on college admission and financial aid advising using advisors in local schools and resource centers that serve students and families on a drop-in basis. (Example: Springfield Higher Education Partnership at Clark State Community College)
Dues:        $50 Annual
Benefits:   Free and/or Reduced Cost Professional Development Opportunities, Building Blocks, Member Intranet, Technical Assistance from OCAN Staff, OCIS License, OCAN Discuss List serve, Web-Enabled Student Tracking Database (WEST), Newsletter, Member Directory, Marketing Materials, Advisory Services Manual and other resources, Eligible to apply for the OCAN Seal of Good Practice and OCAN Seal of Excellence.  Representation on the Membership Advisory Council(MAC).

Associate Membership:
Associate Membership is extended to an organization or program (except those included in the Traditional Membership category) that receives federal and/or local funding and offers college access services including or differing from those listed above.  These services may include mentoring, homework help, cultural awareness, enrichment opportunities, self-esteem training and accelerated academic programming.  These organizations must share a commitment to increasing college access for all Ohioans.  (Example: Village to Child—Ohio Dominican University, Mount Carmel CREDO Center or University of Cincinnati Upward Bound TRiO Program)

Dues:        $50 Annual
Benefits:   Professional Development Opportunities at Minimal Cost, Building Blocks online toolkit, Member Intranet, Newsletter, OCAN Discuss List serve, Member Directory

Affiliate Membership:
Affiliate Membership is designed for those educational institutions and/or associations that share a common vision with the Ohio College Access Network.  Those seeking Affiliate Membership with OCAN desire to strengthen alliances with like-minded organizations, increase service capacity and augment networking opportunities. Such organizations or associations must demonstrate a commitment toward advancing access to postsecondary education for Ohioans and/or provide a direct service to making access more available. (Example: The Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators or Ohio Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel)

Dues:         $250 Annual
Benefits:    Building Blocks, OCAN Discuss List serve, Newsletter, Member Directory, Priority Exhibit space at Annual Conference at reduced cost

Supporting Organization:
Supporting Organizations are those partners with whom OCAN finds an important and necessary alignment to advance the work of statewide college access. These organizations provide a number of resources for the Network’s members and partners, including the development of informational materials for students and families and sponsorship of the annual conference and other professional development opportunities.  Such organizations include foundations, student loan providers and guarantors, state governing agencies, and organizations and businesses that have a particular interest in issues related to college access, but do not fall into one of the other categories. (Example: Student Loan Funding)

Dues:        $500 Annual
Benefits:   Building Blocks, OCAN Discuss List serve, Newsletter, Member Directory, Priority Exhibit space at Annual Conference at reduced cost

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