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Good study tips for college

Every student wants to have best grades possible. It means a lot to him/her and to his/hers parents. Read about study tips for college in this article.
Getting good grades is an indication of a successful study. To obtain good grades you must study a lot. There are some individuals that are really intelligent (or have photographic memory perhaps) and don’t need to study a lot, but there are only few such individuals around. So to start you must follow one saying: Never give up!

How to be more successful in your college?

There is a simple list of things to do in order to study more efficiently. Here is the list:

  • Always go to classes. Don’t skip them! A party might be a great idea but skipping a lecture the next morning is not. You must think in advance.
  • Always take a notebook and a pen. Don’t miss any notes. Write them all down.
  • Actively participate in lectures. This way you will learn a lot.
  • Write and draw down everything professor says, even if you think that it is pointless. Who knows, maybe this exact topic will be covered in the upcoming exam! This happened to me often.
  • Have all your notes organized. Don’t be a mess. You will learn more efficiently from organized notes.
  • If you are absent from classes make sure to catch up with the topic. It is on you to catch up. No one will do it for you.
  • Compare your notes with classmates. What you think is unimportant might actually be important.
  • Take a lot of sleep every day. Be rested.

How to start studying?

I could write a list here too, but I’ll rather write some advices and tips. Imagine that you want to start studying now. Firstly, make sure that your desk is clean and tidy. Also, make sure the lighting is optimal. Your eyes will be happier with good lighting than will poor lighting. Only study material should be on your desk right now. If you have an air conditioning make sure that the temperature in the room is about 20 degress Celsium. If set too high you will eventually get sleepy. If too cold you will not be comfortable. Now that you’ve set an environment ready to study you can begin. Try to study at the same time every day.

Your body and you brain likes the routine. Always keep positive attitude towards studying. Don’t think of studying as “Oh hell, I need to learn this!”. Don’t do that. Be positive. All topics might not be too interested, but you still need to learn them. Stay positive. Sometimes it’s good to write positive thoughts on a piece of paper and stick them to the wall in front of you to motivate you. Also, very important, be sure to make “time outs” when you study. Every 1 hour of studying requires 10-15 minutes break. When you finish studying for the day, plan your study for tomorrow. Then, take a good nap. Be rested.

Good tips summary

So this are my study tips for college. Do you have any other study tips for college that you want to share with others? Don’t hesitate to write them down in the comments section.