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Our association is well aware that unlike other parts of the application for admission, where grades and test scores are important, the essay should impress not with its achievements but with its authenticity. 

College essay services in Ohio

Many children and parents do not believe that it is important for admissions officers to see the applicant as a person. But it really is! So, the good news is that the admission essay is the most transparent and closest part of the application to the applicant. The bad news is that when a parent or someone else tries to drown out the child’s voice in this work, the writing is terrible. And much more dangerous consequences are that the child realizes that when the stakes are high enough, it is possible to behave unethically and use plagiarism.

In addition, the expert of the admissions committee sees the following: parents or other adults are trying to improve the essay in order to prove that the child is willing to take responsibility for themselves in college. But at the same time, the very fact of interference in their work suggests that adults are not at all sure about the latter.
That’s why it would be wise to contact a college essay service and be sure to pass the writing test.

Who we are? 

Our goal is to promote college education among local youth and contribute to growing the number of Ohio college students. As a professional essay writer, each member of our association knows how college entrance depends on writing skills and the ability to present oneself in a written form. Therefore, we are here to share our writing secrets and provide help me write my homework services to students who seek college admission. 

What we do? 

To make college study possible for low-income students, those who are the first to go to college in their family, etc., we provide consultations on the college admission process. First of all, we help to figure out the approach to the application process in general, and how to handle multiple applications’ preparation to all colleges of your choice simultaneously. Second, we offer direct assistance in filling out your admission documents and formatting your essays. Those who need help with admission essay writing also can reach out to us. To make your work with us productive, we offer writing tips and hints, cause and effect essay examples for college admission, and guidance in completing personal statements and cover letters. 

Also, we help newly admitted students who are overwhelmed by their first year of college changes. We offer lab report writing service, coursework help, and editing service for them. Advice on other academic writing assignments is also available individually. 

How to work with us? 

We are an association of professional academic writers from Ohio who cooperate with Ohio College Access Network to help high school graduates with lessons and motivate themselves to reach their goals and enroll in their dreams. If you are one of Ohio high school students and will be the first in your family to go to college, or have other special circumstances that do not allow you to study at private colleges and universities, this information is for you. 

Due to the quarantine restrictions, only professional essay writers online are available. Unfortunately, we cannot hold offline study sessions and consultations at the moment. Thus, we will keep in touch with you by email, over the phone, and through Zoom. 

To get our college dissertation help guidance or writing assistance, please call us or register on our website. After the registration, you will be able to chat with our support team 24/7 and your writer once we know how we can help you. Writers are available at working hours from Monday through Friday. If you already have a certain request to work on, please fill it out in the request form on our website. To help us understand your needs the best, do not leave any fields blank.
Once we receive your request for assistance, we will get back to you promptly with potential writers to help. They may answer a few questions to clarify your expectations and needs, and then you will proceed to the study session.
Please remember, our services are provided free of charge for the students in need.